3 Famous Spy Gadgets You Can Incorporate Into Your Business' Security System

Posted on: 5 October 2015

Throughout the years, spy gadgetry has amazed and astounded millions of people, but mostly just on the silver screen. However, the real benefit from decades of sci-fi innovation and creativity comes when you learn to adapt this technology to your own life, and perhaps the most useful place to set this technology in your life is alongside your business security system (provided by outlets like A Tech / Easy Living Store). Here are three famous spy gadgets, and how you can use them to protect your business from intruders and thieves just like famous spies protected themselves from their cunning arch-nemeses through the years.  

The Micro-Camera

While James Bond may have worn this one in a ring while attending a party, your use of this technological marvel will probably be a bit more practical. Micro-cameras are extremely useful in hiding your surveillance in order to make it more effective against intruders. Using a micro-camera covered by a two-way mirror as part of a larger piece of chrome in a countertop or wall is a very effective way of making sure that you see criminals before they see your surveillance. 

Night Vision

Night vision is becoming less and less exclusively used by movie characters and is coming into its own as a viable technology in the realms of public safety and warfare. Using this technology to protect your business is also useful, as it allows you to see intruders who might sneak in in the dead of night, and will allow you to view a potential thief and sound an alarm inconspicuously, allowing less time for a criminal to escape. Wall-mounted versions of this technology are also becoming more and more commonplace, and are now considered nearly essential by security experts

Jet Packs

OK, so real jet packs might still be a decade or so off, but the reality of airborne security solutions is growing closer every day. Although currently in concept form, security drones capable of stunning intruders with a taser are being developed very quickly, and could make it into your business' security arsenal within the next few years. These drones can be deployed and controlled via a mobile phone, something even the best 1970s spy couldn't have dreamed of. This means that even if nobody is on duty guarding the property, you can still protect yourself from an intrusion by using a remote connection to your security drone to neutralize or detain a potential thief should the situation come up.