Boost The Efficacy Of Your Home Security System With These Three Yard Projects

Posted on: 12 October 2015

Having a security system installed in your home is an effective way to keep your family and possessions safe, maintain a low home insurance rate and, in general, lessen the chance of being a victim of a break-in. Records show that most burglars avoid homes that have security systems, instead focusing on unprotected homes. In addition to having a security system installed, you can make some other simple changes around your yard that can further minimize the chance of dealing with a break-in. A few hours of careful work outdoors will send a clear message that you don't intend to be a victim.

Prune Back Overgrown Vegitation

A messy yard with plenty of overgrown bushes and trees can provide a number of hiding places for a potential burglar to lurk and observe your home and even your family's habits in regards to coming and going. Take some time to clean up the appearance of your yard by tidying shadowy spots -- trim away dead branches to open up the bottom of trees, prune your hedges cleanly and cut any overgrown grassy spots around the perimeter of your yard. These steps provide greater visibility from your home, giving you the easy ability to observe your yard through a window.

Plant Rose Bushes Strategically

Roses provide bright colors and pleasant aromas but can also serve as a useful anti-burglar plant. Their sharp thorns can dissuade people from lurking around your property or attempting to gain access to your home through a window. As such, it's ideal to plant rose bushes in front of basement windows and below first-floor windows. This strategic approach is ideal because it effectively fortifies your home while still keeping the outside appearance eye-catching. If you aren't fond of the look of roses, use other thorny bushes such as buckthorn or barberry.

Install Motion-Activated Lights

Whether you do it yourself or hire a security firm to complete the job, the installation of motion-activated lights can provide a further deterrent for burglars. It's useful to place these lights around the perimeter of your home -- not just at the front. Motion-activated lights along the sides of your home and in the backyard can provide an added measure of security. You can also install this type of light in other areas around your yard. Do so aesthetically to avoid your yard taking on the appearance of a fort. For example, a light in a flower garden or aimed at a tree can provide a touch of visual appeal while still serving its security-first purpose.