4 Tips For Choosing A Fire Alarm System For Your Home

Posted on: 16 October 2015

Fire and smoke alarms are one of the most important safety necessities in your home. You not only need to choose the best system for your needs, you need to make sure it offers everything you need for your safety. The following tips can help you make the right choices for your family's peace of mind.

Tip #1: Know How They Work

The most basic smoke and fire alarms use an ionization process to detect smoke particles in the air. These alarms are sometimes accidentally tripped by steam from a hot shower or cooking. Photoelectric alarms, on the other hand, detect smoke with a special light and they are less prone to accidental tripping. Dual sensor alarms use both types of technology, so they offer the best smoke and fire detection. It's usually best to opt for a dual sensor alarm if cost isn't an issue, since this will provide the most fire detection ability.

Tip #2: Choose the Alarm Method

Most alarms use sound to alert everyone in the house to an emergency, but that may not be the best option in some homes. If anyone in your house has hearing issues, consider a lighted alarm. These have bright strobes that activate if smoke is detected. There are even vibrating alarms available if both hearing and sight issues prevent you from sensing an audio or visual alarm.

Tip #3: Consider Monitoring Services

Although a standard alarm can do a great job of alerting your family so they can flee to safety, they do little to protect your property. This can be especially stressful if you are away. Consider installing a monitored fire alarm system. These can be installed with a security system or wired into an existing security system. The alarms are monitored by the company, which sends emergency services to your location in the event of a fire alarm. The sooner a fire truck arrives, the more likely that they can minimize damage to your home.

Tip #4: Don't Forget the Extras

Adding a fire suppression system to your alarm further increases safety. Overhead sprinklers don't need to be installed throughout the house, but you may want to consider placing them in bedrooms. They can save a life by preventing the fire from spreading to areas where people are most likely to be caught unaware. You may also want to use them in areas that are most prone to fires, such as in a workshop located in your attached garage.

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