Worried About Your Family's Safety In Your Home? Follow These Tips To Help You Feel Better

Posted on: 21 January 2016

If you are worried about the safety of you and your family while you are in your home, you need to do some things to make sure everything is secure from intruders. Below are some things you should consider doing.

Check Window Locks

Twenty-three percent of burglars gain access to a home through a first floor window.

For this reason, you should inspect your locks to see if you need new ones. Older locks are easy for a burglar to get through, as they are generally made from a thin piece of metal. The burglar can easily use a small tool to slide under the metal piece and wiggle it until they get the lock open.

There are many different types of window locks you can choose, such as flip locks, keyed locks, and sash locks. Flip locks should never be used, as they are easy for a burglar to flip and open the window. Keyed locks work well, but you must always make sure you have a key nearby the window in case there is an emergency. With sash locks, you insert removable eyebolts in holes that are drilled into the window sash. You could also install fixed metal grilles over the windows for even more security.

Check Door Locks

The next place you need to check is your door locks. First, ensure no locks are loose, because a burglar could break through the lock even quicker.

You should also make sure all your doors have deadbolts. ANSI Grade 1 deadbolts are the most secure you can buy. You should ask a professional to install the deadbolts for you, to ensure they are installed properly.

Deadbolts are great to keep a burglar from kicking in your door, but they have tools they use to pick a lock. For this reason, you need to ensure the deadbolts you purchase are harder to pick. The best type of deadbolt lock should have a tight tolerance and many pins. This will take the burglar much longer to pick the lock, which gives you time to get help. An employee at the store can help you choose, and tell you how many pins, as well as the tolerance, of the deadbolts you are considering purchasing.

Hire a Security Company

The best way to secure your home is to hire a security company. The security company will install a control panel somewhere in your home that is used to arm and disarm the security system, as well as communicate with each component installed, sound an alarm if the security is breached, and alert the alarm monitoring company.

The company will secure all entry points into your home with sensors. These sensors communicate with your control panel. They typically place the sensors on all exterior doors, as well as ground level windows.

They may install surveillance cameras that can be wireless or wired. These cameras are often used in hard-to-see areas of your property and entry points, including the garage door and front door.

The security company will install a high decibel alarm that is loud enough for everything in your home to hear, as well as your neighbors. This not only alerts you if someone is trying to break into your home, but generally sends a burglar away once they hear the alarm.

The security company can also install a fire alarm system in your home, which will be integrated into your security control panel. They can also provide you with more protection by installing fire extinguishers in your home-- one generally on each level. The fire alarm system can detect heat and smoke even from a small flame. Once it detects this, a sprinkler system is activated, and an alert is sent to the security company to alert the local fire station. Click here for more information on fire alarm inspections.

The security company can give you much more information on how your system works.