Security Cameras In These Locations In Your Home Can Prove Valuable

Posted on: 5 August 2016

Although you never want to imagine a time in which your home is broken into, preparing for this day (and hoping that it never happens) is prudent. A security system can deter would-be burglars, but if someone makes entrance into your home, strategically-placed security cameras can catch the person in the act, clearly depict his or her face and help the authorities bring this criminal to justice. You probably have a number of locations in and around your home in which you'll want to place security cameras, but there are many other spots that you potentially haven't considered. Burglars will know that there may be a camera at the front door, for example, and hide their face. But cameras in these locations could catch this criminal off guard.

Above The Basement Stairs

Many burglars will take a quick run through the basement of a home to look for valuables, but might not think about a security camera recording their actions. Mount a security camera on the ceiling above the basement stairs, aimed at the basement door. When the burglar opens the basement door, the first thing he or she will likely do is flip on the light. As the light brightens the scene — and the burglar's face — the camera should get a perfect view of the person.

Aimed Out An Upper-Floor Window

It's ideal to have at least one security camera aimed outside, as it could potentially catch the license plate of the burglar's vehicle, show other homes that he or she is targeting or capture other details that the police will be able to use in their investigation. Cameras above the garage door or front door are common, so consider switching things up and mounting a camera aimed out the window of an upper-floor room. The burglar won't likely be looking for a camera in this location.

Inside The Garage

Some burglars make entry to a home through a garage window, while others get in through a different point of entry and then use the interior door to the garage to look for valuable items that can quickly be sold, such as power tools. The average burglar won't likely think about being caught on camera in the garage, which makes it a perfect location for another security camera. This spot is also ideal because if the garage doesn't have a window, it will be pitch black inside — meaning that the burglar will need to flip on the light, which will illuminate him or her for the camera. Contact a company like Safeway Security Systems to learn more.