Hiring An In-Home Nanny For The First Time? What Security Measures Should You Put Into Place?

Posted on: 4 November 2016

If you've recently decided that finances or personal circumstances make an in-home nanny the best caregiving situation for your child, you may wonder if you need to reinforce your home's security system to provide you a greater picture of what happens while you're away. With news reports of teddy bear cameras and bystanders' cell phones capturing disturbing images of child abuse, you may feel that video security is the only way to ensure your child's constant safety. However, the variety of cameras and security systems available (and the relative ease with which they can be disabled) can make them not as ideal as you might think.

Why isn't a teddy bear camera the best security option? 

You may like the idea of a camera inconspicuously hidden inside an inanimate object somewhere in a main living area or your child's bedroom. However, this isn't always the most secure option, and a savvy or observant person with nefarious intentions may be able to quickly locate it and shift it to a position that makes it impossible to capture any usable video. And if your child is aware of the camera's existence, he or she may also inadvertently tip the nanny off to its presence, making it easy to disarm before any incriminating video is generated. It's usually best to go with a hard-wired option that is more difficult to disable or otherwise tamper with if detected.

What features should you look for in an interior security camera?

Before purchasing an interior security camera, you may want to investigate its ability to capture audio — some cameras can generate a high-quality picture but only garbled audio, making it difficult to discern exactly what is being said. Because not all child abuse is physical, being able to record a wide range of audio can give you greater insight into what is taking place in any given video capture.

You may also want to choose a camera that offers secure remote access, as this will allow you to tap into your home's security camera from your work computer, phone, or tablet at any time. This feature provides peace of mind to many parents who are already feeling guilty about leaving their child with a caregiver.

You'll also want to carefully examine your home's angles to see which camera placements can offer the widest range of shots. Security cameras are of limited use if they're primarily focused on an area of the room where little activity takes place, so getting a wide angle is key to providing impenetrable security. An installation professional may be able to work with you to find the ideal placement for your home.

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