To Fake Or Not To Fake?

Posted on: 27 May 2018

Let's imagine for a minute that you live in a lovely little neighborhood called Niceville. Everybody in town knows their neighbors, bakes cookies on Sunday afternoons, and leaves their doors unlocked all day long. Life is skipping along blissfully until one week when a villain named Mr. Robbe discovers Niceville and realizes he's hit the jackpot. Every night for weeks a new house is broken into, and you begin to realize that the idyllic lifestyle Niceville had previously enjoyed is now gone forever.

Although everybody quickly grows much more cautious than before, the newly locked doors and shuttered windows fail to stop Mr. Robbe. As the robberies continue, you realize that further action may be required. You begin to investigate further options to secure your home. Thinking you'd prefer to take the least drastic path, you begin to research fake security cameras.

Here are a few things that are important to keep in mind.

Fake security cameras are a crime deterrent

This means that fake security cameras are designed as a means to stop crimes before they start. At first glance, this seems to be an excellent preventative measure! However, it is important to note that, should a crime actually be committed, a fake camera will likely do you no good as it can collect no evidence.

Fake security cameras are detectable

Experienced criminals will have no trouble spotting a cheaply made fake when it comes to security cameras. The best types, the ones which are hardest to identify, are cameras which were once functional. It's important to be very wary of false cameras which have blinking lights, a constant panning motion, or lack of consistent wiring. These will be instantly identifiable to a seasoned thug such as Mr. Robbe.

Fake security cameras can be dangerous

Several lawsuits have recently cropped up that stemmed from false surveillance. Clients have claimed that the clearly visible "camera" gave them a sense of security. This can cause people to behave in ways they might not if there was no camera, real or fake. They might leave valuables in their car, or walk back to their vehicle alone although the parking lot is dark and deserted, believing themselves to be monitored and safe.

Although it can be argued that a dummy security camera is better than no surveillance at all, there's no doubt that with the times changing around Niceville, the safest option would be to install a real security system. For more information, contact a company like Phoenix Access Control.