Security Camera Myths You May Have Heard

Posted on: 22 March 2022

If you are wanting to improve the security of your property, the placement of security cameras can be an important feature to install. These cameras are capable of effectively recording large areas of the property with a high level of detail. While modern security cameras can be important pieces of any security system, individuals may not always have accurate information about these components.

Myth: Security Cameras Require The Area Being Monitored To Be Well-Illuminated

An especially common assumption about security cameras is that they will require the area that is being monitored to be well-illuminated. While this can help with cameras that operate in the visible wavelength of light, there are camera systems that are designed to work in darker settings. Often, these cameras will utilize infrared light to be able to see in areas that are too dark. In fact, some of these systems may even actively shine infrared light in these areas to ensure there is enough illumination for the camera to record. Due to this wavelength of light being imperceptible to the human eye, individuals will be unaware that the area is being actively illuminated for nighttime recording.

Myth: You Always Want The Security Cameras To Be Highly Visible

While visible security cameras can be an effective deterrent against criminal activity, it can also be advantageous to keep some of these cameras in more discrete areas. This is due to the fact that individuals may notice the visible security cameras and attempt to move their activities to an area outside of its view. By incorporating more discrete security cameras in your system, you can eliminate these blind spots to capture individuals that are attempting to steal or perform other illegal activity outside the view of the visible cameras.

Myth: Security Camera Systems Have Extremely Limited Storage Capacity

A security camera system will need to be able to record the footage that they are capturing. In the past, this would require the use of tapes, DVDs, and other media with fairly low storage capacity to hold the footage until it needed to be reviewed. However, modern security cameras will often utilize a combination of digital recording and compression to greatly reduce the amount of space that the footage is requiring. This coupled with enhancements in hard drives and flash drives can allow individuals to store very large amounts of high-quality footage from their security systems. Furthermore, these systems may utilize automated marking and motion sensors to highlight periods in the recording where activity was detected.

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