Reasons Your Company May Need An Access Control System

Posted on: 15 December 2022

Security is essential in any business. Any form of intrusion, from burglary to computer viruses, can significantly impact your business's daily running. This is the reason why many businesses are investing in access control systems. Here are some reasons you need to consider access control within the workplace.

Tracks Employee Activity

One of the benefits of an access control system is the ability to track employee activity. You can get people to clock in using biometrics. Therefore, no one can clock in on behalf of another employee because everyone has a unique pin number or key fob.

Furthermore, supervisors are assured that only those who have clocked in are within the premises. The rotas generated are accurate and definitive in their data. When people clock out for lunch breaks or before leaving the building, the system can track which employees aren't on the premises during emergencies.

Incorporates a Convenient Keyless System

Access control systems avoid the need for employees to carry around keys to enter or leave the building. People can gain access by swiping an access card, through Bluetooth access, or by entering a numeric code. When employees are forced to carry keys, the management spends a lot on key replacement and rekeying. An access control system eliminates this liability and secures the business premises.

Minimizes Employee Theft

While access control cannot prevent theft, it can discourage it by restricting employees from entering specific building rooms. By customizing the keyless systems to allow access to certain offices, you can reduce the chances of data breaches and theft.

For example, certain rooms or offices can only be accessed by high-level management alone. Furthermore, the access systems can deny access to the building during off-hours or after an employee has completed their shift.

Minimizes Employee Negligence

Gone are the days when companies relied on employees to ensure the security of their premises. Employees were initially charged with locking the doors to their offices when going home. In case of a security breach, the employees of specific departments were held liable for negligence.

The introduction of automated access control systems has significantly minimized employee negligence. The automated system is programmed to ensure doors are locked and the entire building is secure.

Complies With Industry Security Standards

There are many laws on data security that require restrictions on data access. For example, in the healthcare industry, practitioners must abide by HIPPA laws. If an employee is ill, records of their medical condition should be kept secure. 

In the commerce industry, customers' financial information should be kept private. One of the most effective ways of ensuring data security is through an access control system. Furthermore, in case of a breach, these systems make it easy to find the perpetrator.